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About Virato


Enter the enchanting world of sound created by Viggo Smit, the musical master behind the stage name VIRATO. As a versatile DJ, producer and musician from the Netherlands, Viggo has established himself as an influential force within the uplifting House and mesmerizing Minimal/Melodic Techno scene.
With an impressive act, VIRATO is a familiar face on both national and international stages. His musical journey has taken him to iconic events such as Kei-Week Festival, CDT Coupe Des Templier Festival, Mixtream Festival, Beach Festival Zee Wolde and even the impressive Amsterdam Dance Event. With each performance, he drenches the air with a mesmerizing mix of beats and melodies that set dance floors around the world in motion.
VIRATO's musical vision is reflected in a series of releases. His sound is a journey in itself, taking his listeners through layers of emotion and energy. But what really sets VIRATO apart is his indomitable desire to go beyond the confines of the digital realm. On stage, he often embraces analog equipment, giving his sets an organic and unpredictable dimension. This leads to a unique experience that surprises the audience time and again and adds an unpredictable dimension to his sets.

Behind the turntables, VIRATO is not just a DJ, but a storyteller working with sound. As a producer, he takes the art of electronic music creation to new heights. His expertise in merging rhythms, melodies and soundscapes is unparalleled. Every song he creates is a reflection of his profound dedication to his craft and his constant search for innovation.
So, get carried away by the sounds and compelling melodies of VIRATO. Whether he is on stage at a sparkling festival, an intimate club or in the studio working on his latest musical creations, VIRATO is the essence of electronic music innovation. With every note and every beat, he takes his audience to new heights and leaves an indelible mark in the world of music.


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